River Ridge National Honors Art Society Nominates the Anna Crawford Children’s Center to be the recipient of their fundraiser!

MaryJo Mulvey, Art Teacher from River Ridge High School and her Honors Art Club Students raised $338.18 for the Anna Crawford Children's Center!  Without the ongoing support from community members, we would not be able to continue our services!  We … [Read more...]

Have You Had This Conversation With Your Child?

"As parents, we often focus on educating our children about the fact that it is not okay for other people to touch their private parts. But this is not enough." - Amy Economopoulos, Executive Director of Anna Crawford Children's … [Read more...]

The Stranger You Know: How to Spot a Child Molester’s Tricks (Shared from

An informative article by Pattie Fitzgerald, Certified Child Predator Safety Educator and founder of Safely Ever After, Inc. teaching parents and children everywhere non-fearful "safe-smarts". Shared via: … [Read more...]